How to Prospect Expired and Cancelled Listings with Gusto

Thanks to Seth Godin for inspiring me with his Purple Cow book

With the inventory so low, you could go back to old Expired Listings and send them a customized expired listing postcard.

This will eliminate the need to have to prospect hardcore over the phone. This gets people to call you.

With my system, you can order one at a time. You don’t have to order hundreds of expired listing postcards. You can develop customized postcards and then also send a follow up postcard automatically using the system.


If you end liking what you see below, I can get you up an running on this in about 20 minutes. The monthly charge is $9.80 for 20 points which is 10 postcards or $31.00 month for 50 postcards. Can you imagine if you sent 50 customized expired listing postcards like this a month to expired listings how many listings you would take. I am sure you could manage to send about 1 or 2 a day.

Please watch my video below.

All this for under 10/month.

If you are interested, check or call me @ 617.615.9435

You can also send me a free card on me.

Please take this opportunity to send a card on me.

Please take this opportunity to send a card on me.

When you join with me, I will continue to share with you all of the great ideas that this membership has to benefit you.

If you are interested in personal coaching, please check out


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