How to make sure you get endless referrals!

This morning I woke up and got another referral in my inbox. The system definitely works. Before I even start to make contact with the referred party I make sure that I am thanking the referral source.
Today I send a great little box of brownies to the referral in about three minutes all from my desk. This is the beauty of the system. 

 If you know anyone who would like to receive this little tips and tidbits or may have an interest in using this system, please have them get in touch with me.

See the short video on how to do the “brownie thing” here
Congratulation to Pat S. and Joe W. to the system. This will truly take your real estate business to the next level if you use it. It’s easy to use, therefore you have to remember that is easy not use as well. Keep disciplined and focused by treating people right with small “thank yous” and expressions of gratitude and watch your business soar.
If you would like me to do a webinar for your business on this system, please reach out to me @ 617.615.9435. 

If you are interested, check or call me @ 617.615.9435

You can also send me a free card on me.

Please take this opportunity to send a card on me.

Please take this opportunity to send a card on me.

P.S. someone mentioned yesterday that I did not add the video about how I taught the salesperson from the auto dealer about what he could do with the system. Here is that video as well

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