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Expired Listing and FSBO Seller Clients Now Call You with a Posctcard

by Mike Mahoney of

Send out an Expired Postcard that will truly blow the prospects mind. 

I have found a unique way to get seller clients to call me. It is by using Sendoutcards to create a truly unique expired postcard or even sometimes a greeting card. I have found that when the prospects receive these cards they just plain call me and that’s the bottom line.

Thanks to Seth Godin for inspiring me with his Purple Cow book. Please watch my video below.

Or How About a Two Pronged Attacked Using Zillow and Sendoutcards?

Mike – How Much Does It Costs?

If you like what you see above, I can get you up an running on this in about 20 minutes. The monthly charge is $39.00 a month for 100 points which is about  50 postcards or ~33 “Hallmark style real cards”.

If you want to make money  using the system, I would be happy to teach you about reselling this product with me. I get paid by other Realtors like you to take expired and FSBO listings. This is the best part of the product. You do not have to be a distributor to get started. I love that my competition pays me to take their listings and FSBOs right out from underneath them.

ready to try sendoutcards

Phone Prospecting is Deadly to Your Health

This will eliminate the need to have to prospect hardcore over the phone. This gets people to call you.

With my system, you can order one at a time. You don’t have to order hundreds of expired listing postcards. You can develop customized postcards and then also send a follow up postcard automatically using the system.

Not sure about Mike or this product? Try it out…for next to FREE

You can also try it out for about $7.00 one time to see if it makes sense.

Whatever you choose, there is no monthly commitment term. You can terminate usage whenever you would like.

ready to try sendoutcards

If you are not afraid of committment and like the “all in” approach then here is the breakdown.

For $39.00/month for you can send about 50 personalized postcards or about 33 real cards. Imagine if you sent a card or two a day personally to a FSBO or an Expired? What would your business look like? Can you imagine how many expired listings you would take. I am sure you could manage to send about 1 or 2 a day.  I like turning $39.00 month into thousands of dollars of real estate commissions.

If you would like to know more about this, I would be happy to conduct a webinar training session for you.   Just call me @ 617-980-9025 and I would be happy to setup something.

If you are interested, check or call me @ 617.980.9025

When you join with me, I will continue to share with you all of the great ideas that this membership has to benefit you.

If you are interested in personal one on one new agent coaching, please check out I would be happy to give you a complimentary one on one coaching session to see if we are a good fit.

Mike Mahoney

Sendoutcards Distributor #153334
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Becoming More Memorable: Uniqueness is the Key

Becoming memorable is a good marketing strategy

One of the things that will separate you from someone else is doing something unique and I continue to hit home on this message because is very important.

In my last post I wrote to you about high use Facebook to send a birthday card to someone that matters to you.

Now I want to show you how to up the ante.

You can do this by downloading photos from Facebook and inserting these to the cards you plan on sending.

By downloading a photo that is personal to someone you know like and trust and inserting it into a card that you plan to send has so much meaning that the recipient will hang on to the card for a long time.

I visit with friends, clients, past clients, members of my sphere of influence all who have received cards from me and often find that the cards I have sent end up on bulletin boards, magnetized two refrigerators, and on windowsills and kitchens.

Think about how happy someone was made in order to make it to the sacred spaces.

You can be memorable to. You just need to differentiate your card for maximum effectiveness.

See the video below which illustrates how this is done using Sendoutcards.

Questions, comments, or concerns drop me a line.
Interested in a free trial, shoot me an e-mail. Make it a great day!

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Postage is on ME!

Interested in learning how to become a leverage income specialist or how to use this for free to grow your primary business? Call me @ 617.980.9025.

Using Facebook to Go from Online to Offline Marketing

Good Morning,

Just thought I would share with you a habit that had become part of my daily routine to make myself more remarkable to friends, family, past clients and my sphere of influence.

I use Facebook just like the rest of the American society, however, I use it to create offline marketing that is highly targeted to people that I want to touch.

Everyday when I log into Facebook, I peek at the list of birthdays, If there is someone that I want to reach I flip to Sendoutcards to create and send an offline regular postal mail birthday card.

This literally takes me about 2 minutes and I can send a better than Hallmark greeting card to the person I wish to send to for about $1.06 all from the comfort of my home office without having to drive to a store, located a card, pay $4.00 plus dollars and then find a stamp.

Watch how quickly I can send a card to someone and may myself more memorable.

If you would like to try out SendoutCards – you have to be invited in by a distributor. I can let you send a couple of cards for free if you would like. Just go to and use the Send A Card Option

You can also learn how to make residual income by teaching how to use the system like I do. If you are interested in learning about income opportunities send me a message.
Michael Mahoney
Remax Realtor Boston

RE/Max Way Real Estate

Sending a Thinking of You Card – Act on a Prompting

One of my real estate prospects just emailed me to tell me that she was heading out of town to help her mom who was probably looking at hospice. I have found that using Sendingoutcards has allowed me to touch lives quickly and promptly and with meaning quickly. I call this acting on a prompting.
Sendoutcards let’s me take that thought we all have act on it quickly.

See the quick video to see how quickly I get this card out to someone who needs to have some kindness.

You can sign up for Sendoutcards for free…you will not be charged until you use the system.

The beauty of the system for me has been the fact that a Hallmark or American Greeting card usually runs about $4.00 to $5.00 each. I am sending cards to people for about $.93 cents plus the postage.

You are welcome to send a card for free on me to try it out…Just go to and use the "Send a Card" button @ the right.

It’s on me…try it. If you like it call me…you can sign up for no comittment at under 10/month. It will change your life.

One recipient of a card had this to say "It was fantastic to open your Thank You card and inspirational words.. I hope we have many more deals together!"
Being nice has never made my life easier than it is now.

In this age of high tech, no touch, I am succeeding over and over again by being high touch simply acting on my promptings by sending a card to someone in need or who I have to thank. Be on the lookout, there are times when you can send a card almost daily. Find the good in life and send a card.

The card in the video cost me $1.66. How do you beat that? I did not have to leave my desk.

Michael Mahoney
Remax Realtor Boston

RE/Max Way Real Estate

Back to School & 17 Strategies for Developing Loyal Customers

Today was the 1st day of back to school for my kids…I wanted to quickly make a keepsake for myself, my wife and my kids so I used Sendoutcards to quickly put out a card to all 4 of us individually…while I was at it I ended up sending out 21 cards to grandparents, aunts – uncles and cousins…

I made a quick video demonstrating this card…

If you need help with Sendoutcards, please reach out. Mike

Also, did you know that you can have one designed made and mailed directly to you.
I recently had a stack of cards made and I walked them around to all of the neighbors of a house I was selling. You could make a stack of postcards to keep at your store or register. I can help you out with this…

Have you checked out the SendoutCards Photo Store? They do cups, calendars, Ipad and Iphone cases…canvas wraps….pretty neat things there…

Lot’s of GREAT Stuff!


There is a webinar tonight on creating loyal customers…if you need some ideas to kickstart your business then this is the place….

See below:

This week on our 40 Ways to Grow Your Business webinar series
we’re covering 17 strategies for developing loyal customers.

Come join me tonight, Tuesday evening, as we discuss some creative
strategies for customer retention and generating customer loyalty.

Tuesday September 3rd at:
10 PM Eastern / 9 PM Central / 8 PM Mountain / 7 PM Pacific

In Australia/Oceania – Wednesday September 4th at:
10 AM in Perth/Singapore
Noon in Sydney/Melbourne

We’ll be discussing customer loyalty and retention…

* Nothing leads to customer referrals faster than happy customers! *

Some of these strategies could even be applied to your employees.
You could use them to develop employee loyalty as well.

Hope to see you tonight!

Michael Mahoney

PS. Sorry for no email reminder yesterday. It was a national
holiday in the US & Canada.


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