Sending a Thinking of You Card – Act on a Prompting

One of my real estate prospects just emailed me to tell me that she was heading out of town to help her mom who was probably looking at hospice. I have found that using Sendingoutcards has allowed me to touch lives quickly and promptly and with meaning quickly. I call this acting on a prompting.
Sendoutcards let’s me take that thought we all have act on it quickly.

See the quick video to see how quickly I get this card out to someone who needs to have some kindness.

You can sign up for Sendoutcards for free…you will not be charged until you use the system.

The beauty of the system for me has been the fact that a Hallmark or American Greeting card usually runs about $4.00 to $5.00 each. I am sending cards to people for about $.93 cents plus the postage.

You are welcome to send a card for free on me to try it out…Just go to and use the "Send a Card" button @ the right.

It’s on me…try it. If you like it call me…you can sign up for no comittment at under 10/month. It will change your life.

One recipient of a card had this to say "It was fantastic to open your Thank You card and inspirational words.. I hope we have many more deals together!"
Being nice has never made my life easier than it is now.

In this age of high tech, no touch, I am succeeding over and over again by being high touch simply acting on my promptings by sending a card to someone in need or who I have to thank. Be on the lookout, there are times when you can send a card almost daily. Find the good in life and send a card.

The card in the video cost me $1.66. How do you beat that? I did not have to leave my desk.

Michael Mahoney
Remax Realtor Boston

RE/Max Way Real Estate


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