Becoming More Memorable: Uniqueness is the Key

Becoming memorable is a good marketing strategy

One of the things that will separate you from someone else is doing something unique and I continue to hit home on this message because is very important.

In my last post I wrote to you about high use Facebook to send a birthday card to someone that matters to you.

Now I want to show you how to up the ante.

You can do this by downloading photos from Facebook and inserting these to the cards you plan on sending.

By downloading a photo that is personal to someone you know like and trust and inserting it into a card that you plan to send has so much meaning that the recipient will hang on to the card for a long time.

I visit with friends, clients, past clients, members of my sphere of influence all who have received cards from me and often find that the cards I have sent end up on bulletin boards, magnetized two refrigerators, and on windowsills and kitchens.

Think about how happy someone was made in order to make it to the sacred spaces.

You can be memorable to. You just need to differentiate your card for maximum effectiveness.

See the video below which illustrates how this is done using Sendoutcards.

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