Using Facebook to Go from Online to Offline Marketing

Good Morning,

Just thought I would share with you a habit that had become part of my daily routine to make myself more remarkable to friends, family, past clients and my sphere of influence.

I use Facebook just like the rest of the American society, however, I use it to create offline marketing that is highly targeted to people that I want to touch.

Everyday when I log into Facebook, I peek at the list of birthdays, If there is someone that I want to reach I flip to Sendoutcards to create and send an offline regular postal mail birthday card.

This literally takes me about 2 minutes and I can send a better than Hallmark greeting card to the person I wish to send to for about $1.06 all from the comfort of my home office without having to drive to a store, located a card, pay $4.00 plus dollars and then find a stamp.

Watch how quickly I can send a card to someone and may myself more memorable.

If you would like to try out SendoutCards – you have to be invited in by a distributor. I can let you send a couple of cards for free if you would like. Just go to and use the Send A Card Option

You can also learn how to make residual income by teaching how to use the system like I do. If you are interested in learning about income opportunities send me a message.
Michael Mahoney
Remax Realtor Boston

RE/Max Way Real Estate


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