Expired Listing and FSBO Seller Clients Now Call You with a Posctcard

by Mike Mahoney of http://www.sendoutcards.com/mikemahoney

Send out an Expired Postcard that will truly blow the prospects mind. 

I have found a unique way to get seller clients to call me. It is by using Sendoutcards to create a truly unique expired postcard or even sometimes a greeting card. I have found that when the prospects receive these cards they just plain call me and that’s the bottom line.

Thanks to Seth Godin for inspiring me with his Purple Cow book. Please watch my video below.

Or How About a Two Pronged Attacked Using Zillow and Sendoutcards?

Mike – How Much Does It Costs?

If you like what you see above, I can get you up an running on this in about 20 minutes. The monthly charge is $39.00 a month for 100 points which is about  50 postcards or ~33 “Hallmark style real cards”.

If you want to make money  using the system, I would be happy to teach you about reselling this product with me. I get paid by other Realtors like you to take expired and FSBO listings. This is the best part of the product. You do not have to be a distributor to get started. I love that my competition pays me to take their listings and FSBOs right out from underneath them.

ready to try sendoutcards

Phone Prospecting is Deadly to Your Health

This will eliminate the need to have to prospect hardcore over the phone. This gets people to call you.

With my system, you can order one at a time. You don’t have to order hundreds of expired listing postcards. You can develop customized postcards and then also send a follow up postcard automatically using the system.

Not sure about Mike or this product? Try it out…for next to FREE

You can also try it out for about $7.00 one time to see if it makes sense.

Whatever you choose, there is no monthly commitment term. You can terminate usage whenever you would like.

ready to try sendoutcards

If you are not afraid of committment and like the “all in” approach then here is the breakdown.

For $39.00/month for you can send about 50 personalized postcards or about 33 real cards. Imagine if you sent a card or two a day personally to a FSBO or an Expired? What would your business look like? Can you imagine how many expired listings you would take. I am sure you could manage to send about 1 or 2 a day.  I like turning $39.00 month into thousands of dollars of real estate commissions.

If you would like to know more about this, I would be happy to conduct a webinar training session for you.   Just call me @ 617-980-9025 and I would be happy to setup something.

If you are interested, check http://www.sendoutcards.com/mikemahoney or call me @ 617.980.9025

When you join with me, I will continue to share with you all of the great ideas that this membership has to benefit you.

If you are interested in personal one on one new agent coaching, please check out http://www.coachmikemahoney.com. I would be happy to give you a complimentary one on one coaching session to see if we are a good fit.

Mike Mahoney

Sendoutcards Distributor #153334
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