Sendoutcards for Realtors Webinar Training

Sendoutcards Can be a Major Differentiator for Realtors

Sendoutcards for Realtors

Many people have tried all kinds of products and services over the years to grow their businesses. The one thing that I can say personally is that it won’t be a product or service that grows your business but rather you growing relationships that will grow your business.

Sendoutcards can be used in so many different ways.

  • Birthday Cards
  • Lead Follow Up
  • Thanks for Attending the Open House
  • Congratulations on the xxx
  • Anniversary Cards
  • Holiday Cards
  • Bereavement Cards
  • FSBOs
  • Expireds
  • Thank you to the attorney, home inspector, appraiser, loan officer, homeowner, co-broker, etc…

For one flat monthly fee, you will be able to send as many cards as you want and the postage is included.  Yes, you read that right, the postage is included. Sign up for a FREE DEMO

Can you imagine what would happen if you sent 5 cards a day?

I am certain your business would explode. I am so certain of it, I want you to try sending some cards for free.  Each day in our lives, there are plenty of opportunities to send a card. Think about all the people you come into contact with everyday. Imagine if you sent half of them a greeting card with some acknowledgement of your contact or a mention of something you had a conversation about.

You could change your business and the world one card at a time.

Sendoutcards Free Trial

I am so certain that Sendoutcards can change your life in business and personally, that I am willing to give you a Sendoutcards free trial. You will be able to choose, print and send a Sendoutcard for free on us with the postage included. Who do you know who could use some sunshine today?  Spread the love and light with our Sign up for a FREE DEMO.

Try Sending a free Sendoutcards Now

sendoutcards for realtors demo

If you have questions about the product call me @ 617-615-9435

If you are not sure about Sendoutcards, watch out Sendoutcards Webinar Now

Sendoutcards for Realtors

If you cannot attend the webinar but would like information, just register for the webinar and put that in the comments and we can send you a recorded webinar.

When you sign up for our service with me, we will give you free coaching and one to one webinars.  In addition to that, we will help you design all of your campaigns and cards. 

If you see anything in my account that you like, after signing up, you can get these campaigns and cards loaded into your account when you sign up with me. All of my campaigns and cards can be added to your account and made personal for your customers and clients.

Ready to sign up for Sendoutcards?

Please use the form below and we will sign you up for the webinar.


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