Back to School & 17 Strategies for Developing Loyal Customers

Today was the 1st day of back to school for my kids…I wanted to quickly make a keepsake for myself, my wife and my kids so I used Sendoutcards to quickly put out a card to all 4 of us individually…while I was at it I ended up sending out 21 cards to grandparents, aunts – uncles and cousins…

I made a quick video demonstrating this card…

If you need help with Sendoutcards, please reach out. Mike

Also, did you know that you can have one designed made and mailed directly to you.
I recently had a stack of cards made and I walked them around to all of the neighbors of a house I was selling. You could make a stack of postcards to keep at your store or register. I can help you out with this…

Have you checked out the SendoutCards Photo Store? They do cups, calendars, Ipad and Iphone cases…canvas wraps….pretty neat things there…

Lot’s of GREAT Stuff!


There is a webinar tonight on creating loyal customers…if you need some ideas to kickstart your business then this is the place….

See below:

This week on our 40 Ways to Grow Your Business webinar series
we’re covering 17 strategies for developing loyal customers.

Come join me tonight, Tuesday evening, as we discuss some creative
strategies for customer retention and generating customer loyalty.

Tuesday September 3rd at:
10 PM Eastern / 9 PM Central / 8 PM Mountain / 7 PM Pacific

In Australia/Oceania – Wednesday September 4th at:
10 AM in Perth/Singapore
Noon in Sydney/Melbourne

We’ll be discussing customer loyalty and retention…

* Nothing leads to customer referrals faster than happy customers! *

Some of these strategies could even be applied to your employees.
You could use them to develop employee loyalty as well.

Hope to see you tonight!

Michael Mahoney

PS. Sorry for no email reminder yesterday. It was a national
holiday in the US & Canada.


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How to make sure you get endless referrals!

This morning I woke up and got another referral in my inbox. The system definitely works. Before I even start to make contact with the referred party I make sure that I am thanking the referral source.
Today I send a great little box of brownies to the referral in about three minutes all from my desk. This is the beauty of the system. 

 If you know anyone who would like to receive this little tips and tidbits or may have an interest in using this system, please have them get in touch with me.

See the short video on how to do the “brownie thing” here
Congratulation to Pat S. and Joe W. to the system. This will truly take your real estate business to the next level if you use it. It’s easy to use, therefore you have to remember that is easy not use as well. Keep disciplined and focused by treating people right with small “thank yous” and expressions of gratitude and watch your business soar.
If you would like me to do a webinar for your business on this system, please reach out to me @ 617.615.9435. 

If you are interested, check or call me @ 617.615.9435

You can also send me a free card on me.

Please take this opportunity to send a card on me.

Please take this opportunity to send a card on me.

P.S. someone mentioned yesterday that I did not add the video about how I taught the salesperson from the auto dealer about what he could do with the system. Here is that video as well

How to Prospect Expired and Cancelled Listings with Gusto

Thanks to Seth Godin for inspiring me with his Purple Cow book

With the inventory so low, you could go back to old Expired Listings and send them a customized expired listing postcard.

This will eliminate the need to have to prospect hardcore over the phone. This gets people to call you.

With my system, you can order one at a time. You don’t have to order hundreds of expired listing postcards. You can develop customized postcards and then also send a follow up postcard automatically using the system.


If you end liking what you see below, I can get you up an running on this in about 20 minutes. The monthly charge is $9.80 for 20 points which is 10 postcards or $31.00 month for 50 postcards. Can you imagine if you sent 50 customized expired listing postcards like this a month to expired listings how many listings you would take. I am sure you could manage to send about 1 or 2 a day.

Please watch my video below.

All this for under 10/month.

If you are interested, check or call me @ 617.615.9435

You can also send me a free card on me.

Please take this opportunity to send a card on me.

Please take this opportunity to send a card on me.

When you join with me, I will continue to share with you all of the great ideas that this membership has to benefit you.

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